Welcome to MicroAC Softwares

MicroAC Softwares is Specialized in Customizable Softwares. MicroAC Softwares is a leading high end Software Development Company with extensive experience in designing Customizable Softwares as per the requirement of the clients. This includes development of Masters, Entries, Reports, Graphs, Mails, Alerts, Tools, Utilities, Scripts etc.

Our company has already made softwares in many areas (fields) for various clients with high quality solutions for each requirement of the client. Various Built-In advanced Tools & Utilitiesare major achivement in our software for which lot of development & testing time is devoted.

With current scenerio of high competition, analysis of data in different ways is important. Our software provides the same with various reporting like grid reports, group reports, user reports, graph reports, specialized reports etc. with which user can view as well as create new reports as per requirement. To be updated with the system, various functionality are provided like Send Mail, Auto Mailing, Reminders, Alerts etc.

Other than Customizable Softwares, we are also developing various other Specialized Products which are based on certain functionality and work as separate softwares.

Latest Updates

  • E-Cataloge & E-Books

    It has faster page loading, no waiting for long time to download the bigger file size of the catalog. Its Flip like smooth realistic page turning like a actual book or catalog. Viewer can download in PDF version from eCATALOG. Reduces printing and postage costs of the catalogs. Easy to distribute via Web, Email, Pen Drive or CD/DVD. Update Ecatalog easily. Is accessible 24/7 online.

  • Domain Registration

    Domain Registration fast, simple, and affordable. We offer the cheapest Domain Name Registration / Domain Renewal / Domain Transfer services in India.

  • Hosting Registration

    MicroAC offers cheap Linux & Windows hosting services. Find unlimited hosting (India) - ASP / PHP / JSP Tomcat Java / ASP.net / MS SQL / MySQL / Front page etc.